The International Center for Water Technology (ICWT) was established to provide education and research to assist in developing and adopting innovative solutions and technologies that improve water use efficiency. The program’s broad mandate includes water supply and quality; flood protection; and environmental enhancement. Activities focus on extended education, laboratory and field research, and policy development.

Water is a finite resource. Responsible management requires the inclusion of all stakeholders to determine appropriate long-term use and allocation. While the program targets opportunities and issues within the San Joaquin Valley region, solutions and experiences are applicable worldwide.

What is The International Center for Water Technology (ICWT)?

The International Center for Water Technology is a public-private partnership dedicated to the development and application of advanced technologies that enhance water use for agricultural, environmental, and urban purposes. California State University, Fresno – in collaboration with a consortium of members in the water technology industry – came together to form ICWT.

Through applied technology, our goal is to provide efficient first use and effective reuse of water supplies worldwide.

Why ICWT makes good business sense.

Whether your company is a “start-up” venture with a new idea, or an established manufacturer with proven technology, ICWT has something for everyone. ICWT can assist you with a wide range of professional services, including business plans; workforce development; research & development; and export marketing, to name just a few. One-on-one assessments are available to discuss which programs best fit your needs.

 ICWT use of data rooms

The Center for Water Technology is dedicated to solving water related problems and can use the virtual data room that enables its members to collaborate on projects and share information.

Since that virtual data room is one of the most advanced technologies that have been developed in recent years, they are a new way to interact with information and make decisions.

A virtual data room is a software that enables the users to store and share information securely. It is a secure, electronic space where you can store your data and documents.

The features of this software include:

– Users can upload any type of document to the system. 

– The system provides the user with an account where they can upload, download, or delete files in their virtual data room.

– The system also allows them to share these files with other people who have access to the same virtual data room. 

– The virtual data room providers ensure security by encrypting all uploaded files through SSL encryption technology.

– This software also provides an audit log that records every activity that happens on the platform. This includes when a file was uploaded, downloaded, or deleted from the virtual data

Other ICWT Services

In addition to providing a world class, year-round water technology demonstration facility, ICWT will advance water and fluid science technologies worldwide through four major activities:

  • Business Development Assistance
    • Business planning
    • International trade
    • Idea-sharing venues
    • Identifying funding sources
  • Research and Development
    • Laboratory testing, evaluation and product development
    • Field and applied product testing
    • Partnerships to identify “Water Smart” technologies
    • Water treatment demonstrations
    • Renewable energy water pumping
  • Industry Testing and Certification
    • Hydraulic testing of valves and fittings- head loss
    • Certified water quality testing services- urban, environmental, and agricultural water supplies
    • Independent performance certification including pumps, water meters, backflow devices
  • Technology Development Assistance
    • Business planning assistance
    • International trade assistance
    • Idea-sharing venues
    • Identifying funding sources